22 May, 2011

Yes, Still in Full-Vue

This one will be the last of this mini adventure. Why, cause I feel like this was the strongest of the bunch. You may feel otherwise. I don't know, you have not said anything to me, so I will blindly move along without a care in the world. Well maybe not without any care. I mean, the world ended today or I guess technically yesterday, so I figure we should all care a little bit more from now on.

And because you probably don't care, I think that this Full-Vue shot would make a good album cover, for some sweet indie folk band. Maybe not Felicia Day's cover band, "Theoretical Babies," but you never know. Would said band be embraced by hipsters? At least for the first album, because of course every album after won't be nearly as good. And of course, once everyone is listening to it, then it's no longer good at all. It's all about Indie Physics 101.


Amy. said...


Nice work. Can I use this for MY album cover?

James said...

Sure! Of course I would have to have a photo credit, cause you know, I'm needy. WHY didn't Middle Brother credit your photo on the cover? Is it because they altered it more than 15%?