28 August, 2012

It's all about the moment

As you know, it's all about, as our good friend Henri Cartier-Bresson would say, "the decisive moment." It can occur at any time, from the cyclist pushing to be the best at the USA Pro cycling challenge,

or an otter being punched in the schnoz.

Indecently, the otters weren't in some odd re-enactment of Fight Club, but were as otters are want to do, "rastlen'. "  And tangentially, while the USA Pro Challenge showcases some of the best cyclists in the world, this is the image that I was drawn to take.

Make of that what you will.

15 August, 2012

On Being Busy

So it seems we have once again come to that crucial point in any blog: When you have things to blog about, you don't have time to blog, and when you have time to blog you have nothing to blog about. This is mostly a case of the former.

It's been rather busy, which is good, and while in the mire of editing, this little gem stood out and said "look at me!" This here is the lovely and talented Meiko. She plays music and is quite good. Check out her website if you don't believe me. I had the opportunity to photograph her during a performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater for Film on the Rocks. You can click on those and check them out for yourself, but it's safe to say it is an awesomely fun time, even if awesomely is not an actual word.  Well, back to it then.