19 May, 2011

In Full Vue!

So, a while back I picked up a Spartus Full Vue twin lens camera at an antique shop, for about, well cheap. The film actually cost more than the camera. Anyway, the first roll came out pretty much over exposed on every frame. Every frame. You know what that means? It means that there was a reason this camera was on the cheap. Well, with some finagling, I patched it up, resulting in only minimal light leakage and some scratching on the film. I may try to solve the light leak problem, and maybe the scratching, but I think it adds a little character to the shot.

So, to end this overly long story, here are a few of my favorite shots (spread over the next couple of days, cause you know, I need to generate traffic to my blog). So this is it, a mini-series with the Spartus Full-Vue! Enjoy!

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