30 May, 2011

I See Colors...And Movies

I went to a baseball game. This is what I saw. You may clickin to embiggin.

Apparently, after the recent rains, I see things in super saturated color. Go figure. Check out that sky, though! Anyway, I also recently went to see a movie, or maybe eight (only one I had seen before, but is still in my top favorite films). I also saw this. I'll let you figure out what was up with that.

And in case you were absolutely dieing to know which films, they are thus (in order of viewing, cause that's as good an order as any): Kung Fu Panda 2, Moon, (500) Days of Summer, Ghost Town, Hesher, Queen to Play, JCVD, and Black Dynamite in addition to powering through season one of BBC's Being Human. And you seriously thought you were finally starting to understand me, ya dig jive turkey.

Some days I wish life turned out like the movies, where after all the heart ache and struggle, everything turns out for the better. Well, I actually watch a lot of indie films and they mostly don't end that way. The guy doesn't get the girl and there's never a solid resolution. Maybe my life is just like the movies after all, but I think that life is mostly just hard and you scrap out what little happiness you can out of it, be it Gelato and good company or a cool pool on a hot day. Maybe that's why people think I'm immortal, because no matter how much I worry about the world, it's the little joys that keep me smiling. So keep smiling, see something new, and get yourself some Gelato.

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