17 August, 2007

So not a poser.

I am not a poser. By that I mean that I am not good at telling someone how to sit, which way to turn, what face to make. This makes things difficult when that is exactly what you are supposed to do. I'm sure I just need more practice and then I will be a poser among posers. Until then, I will just resort to asking people to do the bird because I remembered it from an episode of Flight of the Conchords.

08 August, 2007

The other side of the camera

I was recenlty tasked with creating a self portrait. For those that know me or have at least seen my profile picture, I am not really comfortable on that side of the camera. Well, as many would say "get over it." The self portrait is probably one of the most interesting portraits that can be taken. It can simply be a photo of the photographer, or perhaps it could show how the photographer sees him or herself. It's one thing to look through the lens and see someone else's story, but to try and capture the essence of one's own story...now that's difficult. As self examination goes, it can be quite therapeutic if one allows it to be. It can reveal many things and may just as easily pose more questions. The one that seems to come up the most is "do you have a remote or did you do that in 10 seconds?" Perhaps I will take a self portrait annually, just to see if I've become someone else while I wasn't looking.