11 April, 2010

The Return of Spring

Ah, the return of spring. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the snow is melting (sometimes) and the cardboard boats are coming out to frolic (sink?). Yep, it's the annual cardboard boat race at the Colorado School of Mines Engineering Days.

Make no mistake, that water is freshly melted, straight from the Rocky Mountains. That means it's cold, but Cardboard Boating is a tradition and it is well attended (even when it's snowing).

At events like this (and I've been to many events), I'm always a little amazed at how many cameras there are, especially the increase in DSLR's. Though somehow I doubt the number of professional photographers has increased, I'm fairly certain the number of amateurs and enthusiasts is steadily on the rise. So the big question is: "How do you make your images stand out?"

I like to think that mine stand out because of my winning personality. I'm only partially joking. My images are all of things that I find interesting and when I compose a shot I compose a picture that I would like to see. Pretty simply, no? So when you're shooting, instead of saying "Oh! That's cool!" say "Oh! I think that's cool!" Who knew the pronoun would be so powerful? Certainly not Superman.

Also, remember, the average time someone spends looking at a picture is 3.2 seconds. Don't just click the shutter, make them stop.