31 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 31

Dinosaurs Vs...Charles Darwin

The fundamental questions still exist and may never be satisfactorily answered. We can, however, keep the kids from playing in the litter box. That apparently will not stop the photographer.

30 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 30

Dinosaurs Vs...Tiny Pirates

A Young Truman Burbank: "I want to be an explorer, like the Great Magellan."
Teacher: [indicating a map of the world] "Oh, you're too late! There's nothing left to explore!"

And as the saying goes, "Here there be monsters." Not to be confused with Munsters, which by the way, I totally had a crush on Marilyn.

29 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 29

Dinosaurs Vs...Advent Children

Dinosaurs and high fashion apparently don't mix. For those wondering, the dinosaur is the big red thing, who also appeared in such Dinosaur Vs' as Day 3, Day 5, Day 16, Day 19, Day 23, and Day 24. Also, the rest of you wondering, this should explain it.

28 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 28

Dinosaurs Vs...Plastic Air Force

SWOOSH! Can you feel the zoomie-ness?!

27 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 27

Dinosaurs Vs...Rubber Duckie

Duckie is freaking out because the plesiosaur is actually an aquatic reptile, not a dinosaur. Or it could be the bubbles. Who knows.

26 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 26

Dinosaurs Vs...Belle

I don't have any sisters, but I imagine, if I did, dinosaurs would be very progressive concerning gender roles and the whole "I'm a dinosaur and I'm going to fight you" mentality.

25 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 25

Dinosaurs Vs...Plastic Indian

Turok hunted dinosaurs also. As far as I know, he did not hide in a cupboard.

24 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 24

Dinosaurs Vs...Fish Out of Water

It's all pretty self explanatory.

23 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 23

Dinosaurs Vs...Boba Fett Mighty Muggs

For a guy with almost no screen time, he's apparently a big deal. Even when he's a rounder.

22 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 22

Dinosaurs Vs...Domo

Everyone loves pillow forts.

21 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 21

Dinosaurs Vs...Bizarro

Think evil Superman. With a big chin.

20 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 20

Dinosaurs Vs...The Continental Circus

It's an airship, like if dirigible technology was augmented by nuclear power.

19 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 19

Dinosaurs Vs...He-Man, Master of the Universe

I know what you’re thinking; “dude, such a cop-out.” Yeah well, only sort of. I look at the toys and determine what works for each one and manages to evoke a certain story. Additionally, this lets me address something that I’ve noticed when looking at the work of professional photographers and very good amateurs/enthusiasts. The one thing that I think the enthusiasts really need to work on is an understanding of the way light works. I’m not saying they are bad at it, I’ve seen many enthusiasts whose work is gorgeous. Who’s to say that they got lucky or truly understand light though? I’ve got four such “face offs” (Days 7, 13, 18, and now 19) yet I have four distinctly different lighting situations, each evoking a different feeling to the image.

Now I’m not going to say I’m the master of the universe when it comes to lighting, but I will say that the major thing that the professional understands about light, is how to manipulate it to suit their needs. Perhaps the best example I can give is architectural and landscape photography. A very good understanding of what light is doing is necessary to create really evocative images and not just pretty pictures. Check out Ted and Stephen for some gorgeous applications of light. I particularly enjoy Ted's Editorial work and Stephen's Ellis Island project. So that's that. Now to get some lightning into my brain storm.

18 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 18

Dinosaurs Vs...A Roman Centurion

Growing up, I loved the old Ray Harryhausen film "Clash of the Titans." It may be the only time where it's acceptable for a guy to want a Pegasus. Of course, that was all Greek myth, nothing to do with Roman Centurions. But you know, whatever. Who knows, maybe deep down, this old film is what inspired me to engage in toy photography.

17 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 17

Dinosaurs Vs...Hound the Autobot

So risque, I mean he's flashing his headlights.

16 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 16

Dinosaurs Vs...Dominoes

Seriously, does any eight year old know how to actually play dominoes?

15 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 15

Dinosaurs Vs... The Man-Bat

Not to be confused with the Batman.

14 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 14

Dinosaurs Vs...Cowboys

White Hats and Black Hats all the way.

13 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 13

Dinosaurs Vs...Akuma (Street Fighter, Round 2)

Trying something different.

12 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 12

Dinosaurs Vs...Cesare the Sleepwalker

I still haven't gotten around to actually seeing this movie...it certainly seems right up my alley.

11 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 11

Dinosaurs Vs...Lego Mindstorms

This is just one of many programs across the country available to get young minds interested in science and math using toys. In fact, they are probably the big dog in the field of playthings. See, toys are good for something when you "grow up."

10 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 10

Dinosaurs Vs. Isaac Newton

Apples are good for you, but don't take them from witches or, apparently, scientists.

09 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 9

Dinosaurs Vs...The Smart Car

Well, that answers that question (How smart is it? for those that where afraid to ask.)

08 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 8

Dinosaurs Vs...Chess

I think strategery may be called for...

07 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 7

Dinosaurs Vs...Chun Li (Street Fighter, Round 1)

Seven is five, five is four, four is cosmic, which can only explain why we are even fighting dinosaurs.

06 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 6

Dinosaurs Vs...Bulldozer

As it turns out, do not mess with a bulldozer. They take it personally.

05 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 5

Dinosaurs Vs...Tiny Star Wars

Not my usual, but nice.

04 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 4

Dinosaurs Vs...Lego Batman

Some people found the merchandising machine quite the monster.

03 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 3

Dinosaurs Vs...Halo Kubricks

You'd honestly think that fish would be better prepared for this conflict.

02 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 2

Dinosaurs Vs...Nikola Tesla

If we've ever learned anything from the moving picture shows, it's don't venture into the dark alone, even if you are a) the inventor of AC current b) have a coil named after you or c) David Bowie.

01 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 1

When I was little, there was one force in the universe that could bring everyone together. It didn’t matter what faith, what race, what nationality; this one thing unified all peoples for the greater good. That force was…DINOSAURS. And so it begins. Inspired (or mayhaps, “egged on”) by my good friend over at the Hobbsblog, today we begin the battle for the safety of the world. Everyday this month we will see the campaign to achieve victory over these heinous foes. There will be casualties, primarily me, as each day there will be a brand new image in the series, taken that day, processed and posted by midnight. You may (likely not) be wondering why I don’t just do the “photo a day” thing. For one thing, I need the focus. Keeping with a theme will provide that. The goal is to complete a series of well done shots. I’m not interested in putting together anything less. I don’t expect all of these shots to be masterpieces, but I know effort will be expected to make something of value. Yes, that can be done with a simple “photo a day” method, but as I’ve said. I need the focus. And I’m sure this will be way more interesting than 31 photos of my kitchen utensils. So, as they say “Let’s kick this pig.”

Dinosaurs Vs. Optimus Prime and the Green Army