14 March, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

You know the drill. Here's something to tide you over.

09 February, 2014

Looking Back at Look Down

So, as per usual, now that we've gotten some distance from the photo a day project, it's time to do a critique. What worked? What didn't?

Well, for starters, I think the biggest challenge of this project was that I have a tendency to choose a theme that involves having to deal with the massive unpredictability of the weather. My bad.

For those the have follwed my blog, or in the very least looked at more than this project, you would have notice that I am very comfortable with repeated shapes, lines, etc. Certainly this is an apt result about seeing art in the everyday, but because it is something that I am already constantly on the lookout for, it is as my friend in the army life reminds me, it is simply center of mass. It's acceptable, buy it's not pushing development or really challenging me to do better.

Then you look at Day 11 and you see something completely different. While, yes, this was simply trash on the ground, it made for something altogether unique, which I think continued in Day 25 and Day 30. These are the images that are challenging the status quo, pushing to move us above center of mass. Based on the distribution, we still need a lot of work to fully integrate this way of seeing, but as long as we keep pushing and challenging ourselves, it'll happen.

01 February, 2014

Look Down: Day 31

Yes, I know it's late. Give me a break. I don't have a Tauntaun.

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11 January, 2014

Look Down: Day 11

Look Down: Day 10

Yes, I know I'm late. I had a cake and a borealis to catch, which I wasn't able to. We'll get back on track tomorrow (today) (probably).

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01 January, 2014

Look Down: Day 1

Well, it seems like 2013 ended a little rough, but that's not why you are here today is it? Nope! It's the start of the Annual Photo a Day Project! This year's project is called "Look Down." You see, ever since I was little, either through an inability to pick up my feet or perhaps years of walking through a park where nobody picked up after their dog, I constantly look down when I walk. I know everyone says to take the time to look up, but seriously, you can see some weird, amazing, beautiful stuff when you are looking down. So here we go. Look down more.