26 June, 2011

You Missed It

Well maybe you didn't. I'm sure you went to the Cherry Blossom Festival (or Sakura Matsuri) this past weekend. I'm sure you saw the multitude of wonderful traditional Japanese folk dances. I'm also sure you saw the wonderful senbazuru made by schools around Colorado to send hope and prayers to Japan following the 11th March earthquake.

I'm sure you were fascinated by the intricate and colorful Japanese textiles, were amazed by the rhythm and power of the Taiko drums, and awed by the beauty of the hula.

In addition, I'm sure you were amazed by the koto and the other traditional music, enlightened during the tours of the Buddhist temple, intrigued by the ikebana and bonsai demonstrations, and were thrilled by the fantastic food, from the mochi to the sushi.

But for those of you who didn't go, you missed me dancing. It is a rare occurrence, because you are well aware that I have a general lack of coordination as well as rhythm. But I still did it, I danced the Bon Odori, a part of the Japanese Obon memorial observance for one’s ancestors.

The Cherry Blossom festival has always been great fun for me, and yes I do dance the Bon Odori every year (its pretty much the only time you'll find me dancing). You'll have another chance to see me fail miserably at it at the upcoming Dragon Boat festival. You'll also get to experience the amazing Taiko drums. It's one thing to listen to them, which are fantastic, but to see them in person, feel the power of each beat and the energy of each drummer is something amazing.

And for those of you once again asking "why hula?" well the obvious answer has to be that hula is awesome as well as that many Japanese emigrate to Hawaii. It of course has nothing to do with the fact that a certain photographer is a little sweet on a hula dancer in the same way said photographer is sweet on Audrey Hepburn. That couldn't be it at all.

And as we bring this year's Cherry Blossom festival to a close, perhaps the best part of the festival, is that if you dance the Bon Odori, you get an otter pop. Now, this may not be a tradition at all Bon Odori, but it is here in Denver. My favorite is grape. Those that know me will completely understand.

19 June, 2011


OPA! I attended the Denver Greek Festival this weekend. Why so many festivals? Well, I love learning about different cultures, especially since the world is so much smaller because of technology. But, a wiki does not replace people, and cultural festivals are a great way to learn and engage. And taste absolutely delicious food you may not regularly enjoy.

This here is an image of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Denver. If you look closely, you'll see that the stitching is a little rough, but regardless, how gorgeous is that? You may clikin to embiggin.

Plus, who can say no to all the Ladies of the World?

18 June, 2011

"T" is for Thaddeus

Meet Goo T. Aeris von Canada. Dashing, isn't he? Still, not as dashing as the other monster dolls made by the kids in the art camp I've been helping with this week, but Goo still manages. But the real question is what have you created today? Stretch your mind, get those neurons firing and make something. Inspiration comes in all forms and from all places, so get out there and make something. I'm partial to cake, just don't over-do the fondant.

13 June, 2011

"I have to warn you, there is a naked woman."

Not here. But if you happened to take in the J'adore! Focus on French Cinema Film Festival at the Denver Film Center Colfax, this is the warning you got from the French Consul. He also kindly told us that said naked woman has a fantastic bottom, and though I didn't see the film, I spoke with many that said, yes, there is a naked woman, and she did have quite the derriere. I won't even get into the other discussion of the night. Yeah, that's how we roll, which oddly enough does somewhat relate to the other discussion. Regardless, yet another wonderful event put on by the Denver Film Society, filled with films, food, and fun. Why aren't you there more often?

In addition, it happened to be the Chair of the Denver Film Society Board's 23rd wedding anniversary. Congratulations! It was a great little celebration at the end of the festival. Everyone at the Film Society really has become more like a second family to me, and not just because we share a love of movies. So seriously, go, say hello, and have fun. Maybe there will be cake! And I don't just mean the metaphorical goodness of seeing a fantastic film in great local venue (which is totally cake in my book), but there may actually be cake cake.

12 June, 2011


Beer plus Bluegrass. You get the idea. My favorite parts of the day include the set by The Giving Tree Band, who played on while it rained on.

There were, of course, a few who thought the music was a bit too loud.

And those that were going a bit crazy.

And then there was this dog. Awesome.

05 June, 2011

I Told You It Would Be Awesome

If you recall, I told you it would be awesome. Was I lying?

Again, a massively fun event, made more so with the presence of good company. And, seriously, if you are not convinced, you should check out the rest on my website. Yes, it's still there floating around the miasma that is the interwebs. So go, check it out. It'll do you some good.

And for those of you who actually recalled, yes, I did have a juice box. It was apple. And it was awesome.