26 January, 2010

Shadows Falling...

Apologies, due to some technological errors, here are shadows sixteen through twenty-six.

The Sixteenth Shadow

This is a picture I did not take of light slipping between the rigging of the slats of blinds onto a pale wall; a dotted line creeping as if an inchworm between bamboo frames housing delicate brushstrokes of Chinese or perhaps Japanese calligraphy gently shaded from the afternoon sun.

(Please reference this if you don't quite comprehend. I have not done it justice, and clearly now you know when technology turned on me.)

The Seventeenth Shadow

The Eighteenth Shadow

The Nineteenth Shadow

The Twentieth Shadow

The Twenty First Shadow

The Twenty Second Shadow

The Twenty Third Shadow

The Twenty Fourth Shadow

The Twenty Fifth Shadow

The Twenty Sixth Shadow

01 January, 2010

The First Shadow

Last year, we glimpsed the never ending battle of Dinosaurs. This year seems to be casting a long shadow, or we may be standing too close to the light.