01 January, 2017

Photo a Day 2017 and Beyond

Well, here we are again. I don't visit this space that much these days. It seems mostly that media has changed along with the way I use it to inspire and challenge my work. As such, while this blog is mostly left up because I feel this site was useful at time that I needed it to be, I will likely not be returning to this medium in the neat future. This isn't to say that I am done with the business of making pictures and capturing stories, it's just that this isn't the place that I will be sharing them. I'm still doing the annual photo a day, I just won't be sharing it here. But to keep me honest, I am sharing it over on the Instagrams. If it's something you really need to see, feel free to pop on over to https://www.instagram.com/dimagibaphoto/ If not, no worries. Keep challenging yourself and keep growing.