31 January, 2012

30 January, 2012

29 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 29

You should know by now, because I know you've been following my blog since the beginning, that is no limiter on my imagination, and quite honestly, there shouldn't be on on yours either. Warp Factor Seven!

28 January, 2012

27 January, 2012

26 January, 2012

25 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 25

Sometimes we all need a little help to fly.

23 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 23

I keep notes. In particular, I keep a little Moleskin with gridded paper to keep notes in. Each year I pick up a new one (I've yet to completely fill one within a year) and on the first page, I write down something that was important or resonated with me from the previous year. Last year it was it was a few Russian quotes from my brief adventure abroad, including "Мёд для моей души" though I believe if we wanted to be completely correct, the end quotes should be at the bottom of the letter.

This year, it's from Doctor Who, The Third Doctor to be precise, in Planet of the Daleks.

“Courage isn’t a matter of not being frightened, you know. It’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.”

The quotes at the end are correct, what with it being in English and all, but the words are really the important thing to consider, and yes, the idea isn't new and has been oft repeated. Maybe there's a reason for that.

21 January, 2012

20 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 20

For those that read the labels at the bottom of each post, you will notice that this is also a part of the Casting Shadows series. Why? Seeing things in a new way can be a simple as focusing only on the shadows cast by an object. You like how I totally explained the label with the label? Yeah, I'm hard core street like that. Not really, but it is a change to the way you see things. Oh, and for those wonder what this is exactly, it is a set of tiny pallets, for lifting tiny 55 gallon drums, which turns out at that scale, they do not actually hold 55 gallons of anything. The lids of the drums don't come off, so I can't tell how many gallons the drums hold, though I am sure it is nowhere near any gallons. Also, cannot make tiny steel drums out of them, in case you were wondering.

19 January, 2012

18 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 18

Do the Robot! I was going to make a joke about dancing to Armored Core, but knowing my audience, it'd be like saying "it's really just bananastep."

17 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 17

For those curious, this is a memory. A good one.

16 January, 2012

15 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 15

The most important meal of the day. After elevenses. After luncheon. After afternoon tea. After dinner. After supper. Nevermind, they are all rather important.

14 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 14

The first time I solved a Rubik's Cube, I did it by accident while waiting for a bus. The fastest I've solved it since is under two minutes.

13 January, 2012

12 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 12

My 8 ounces a day. Seen in a new way.

11 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 11

Thar be dragons!

10 January, 2012

09 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 9

I told you before, not the weirdest.

08 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 8

The view from my window. Seen in a new way.

07 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 7

See a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.

06 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 6

Don't just see in a new way, eat in a new way! First one to guess gets an Italian waffle cookie! Not really. I don't even get one. But it's nice to dream.

05 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 5

People send me postcards. Like you're really surprised by such things. By now, you really should expect these things with me.

04 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 4

This is my mother's dog, Sugar. She never listens to me. She is still awesome. And in case you are wondering, yes my mom came up to visit this week, with her dogs. And my mom is also awesome.

03 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 3

Again, not the weirdest. Though I do find a mighty need to solve a labyrinth now. Maybe David Bowie has snacks, or has invented electricity. Electricity would be sweet.

02 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 2

Yes, I have an assortment of plastic break dancers (from the wonderful Kid Robot) I guarantee it is not the weirdest thing that occupies the same space I do and in all honesty, have you read my blog at all? This should have been expected.

01 January, 2012

In a New Way

See in a New Way. That is the motto of a little company known as Lensbaby. And I love it, not only that I love my Lensbaby Composer. You’ve undoubtedly seen the occasional Lensbaby image pop up here from time to time. Now you will see it every day, at least until the end of January. Cause, you know, it’s time for the annual photo day project.

I’ve always tried to focus on a theme, whether conceptual or technical, and this year though it’s primarily technical because I will be shooting only with my Lensbaby, it will also be thematic. I will literally look at things in a new way as the motto states, and this brings us back around to the original fear when I started the photo a month project way back when. You may end up having to look at things in my kitchen, as well as everything that is constantly around me or places that I always go. But I guarantee, you will look at it in a new way.

And would you look at that, this one even fits nicely into Cast Shadows. Go figure that projects I care about happen to overlap. Whodathunkit?