08 December, 2012

It's About Seeing Starz

 Well, it's taken a while, but here we go. As many of you know, I've been photographing the Starz Denver Film Festival for nigh on five years now. That's impressive, especially in the idea of the photographs that come out of it. You'd think that ultimately you would get the same images every year, and to some extent you would be correct, except for the fact that the people would be different. I'm kidding, but that is the challenge of photographing something so long: you get into old habits and you see the same thing and you make the same image. For the one person that follows my blog, you'll recall that the first (maybe second? man I'm old) film festival I photographed came with one little saying that I have carried with me every since: See with new eyes. You have to in order to continue creating. So take a gander at this years recap of the festival, one which deals mostly with light and dark (a common theme on this blog) and the people at the festival. Enjoy! and maybe we'll stop in again before the annual photo a day project, which is right around the corner.

Festival Director Britta Erickson introduces the film Shadow Dancer at the L2 Events and Cultural Center

Actor Ed Lauter speaks with students following a screening of his film The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

Festival founder Ron Henderson speaks prior to a panel discussion on Childhood Domestic Violence
Director Zach Weintrab waits to speak with students following his film The International Sign of Choking

Director Onur Tukel speaks with students following a screening of his film Richard's Wedding
Actor Mark Ivanir poses on the Red Carpet prior to a screening of his film A Late Quartet