25 December, 2009

Remember to Play with Your New Toys

Just having some fun during this joyous season. You should do the same.

Here at Cobra, we do our killing the same way we take our tea, with our pinkies out.

The latest entry in the Heroes & Villains Series: Freedom. As we know, the greatest freedom is the freedom to leave.

And one more entry in the Cast Shadows series.

23 December, 2009

Welcome Winter

It snowed immediately after the Winter Solstice. Nice timing. Still no Tauntauns. Though, I imagine Tauntauns will be rather uncomfortable when the snow melts tomorrow.

20 December, 2009

A Day (Night) Out

Spent an evening out at the Albuquerque Botanic Gardens and their Annual River of Lights. Lots of fun and absolutely beautiful. Heard some people complaining about the cold (it might have been maybe +39 F or about +4 C) but all I could think of was, "well, I could be in Petro." I've never been to Petropavl, but I know some people that are there now. I'm pretty sure they'd say it's warm out.

Still haven't had a chance to head down to the Bosque to check out the cranes. It's on my list.

Nom nom nom! Shark attack!


And finally, a lovely little friend from the Snowman Village. Happy High Holy Days Ya'll!

04 December, 2009

It's been a while...gimme a call...

"Well, I'm gonna try. I'll phone in the results."