19 March, 2007

Circle K International District Convention

This past weekend I attended the Rocky Mountain District Convention for Circle K International. For those of you unfamiliar with Circle K, it is a collegiate community service organization. The convention itself is a mix of leadership development opportunities, community service and fellowship. In addition, a music CD that students from all over the district contributed to went on sale to benefit the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute at the Children's Hosptital of Denver, which I did the jacket photography and design.

Event photography at DCON was challenging because not only was there numerous forms of mixed lighting, but as a participant, many of my pictures are taken from restricted angles. Still, we are all problem solvers and it was a great opportunity to enhance those skills and shoot creatively while capturing the feeling the event. Oh yeah, as for the prairie dog in the top hat, that is the district mascot. Everyone loves him.

11 March, 2007

Tea Time at the Astor House Museum

I've recently been working on a photo essay on the Astor House Musem and Clear Creek History Park. These provide a great look into Colorado's past, especially since these sites are as much a living history site as a museum. There are so many historic artifacts that it is joy to showcase all of it. I was especiallly lucky to have the opportunity to photograph during one of the museum's Victorian Tea's. Mary Jane Bradbury gave a wonderful historical performance on the Tabor scandal.