04 December, 2007

My Triumphant Return to the Internet

After an extended absence from the internet, I am happy to formally announce my return with the launching of my new website Dimagiba Photography! This has been my first attempt at constructing a website and I do have to say that it has been an arduous task (and the edges are still a little rough and could use a little bit of clean up). It has certainly been a wonderful learning experience that I recommend everyone having, but there are certain other things I must say as well. As a photographer, it is good to know how my images are going to be displayed online, especially knowing how to make sure that they still look the way I intended them. On the other hand, as a photographer, spending the time to construct a website is probably not the best use of the time I have. Yes it was a great learning experience, but while I was working on the website, I could have been at an event taking pictures. So there you have it. Until I can afford to have someone build and maintain my website, it will be much like this blog…not updated often enough.

In other happy news, here are some shots from some recent events: the 30th Starz Denver Film Festival, and Clear Creek History Park’s participation in the Golden Candlelight Walk. Both of these events were primarly night shots, which meant I had to use an on camera flash (or “strobe” for those yearning to learn some lingo to impress your friends). Now, as probably none of you know, I much prefer to work with natural light. For starters, it’s much easier, particularly when it comes to color balancing an image. Well, when you have to use it, you use and I think my results came out. I certainly still need more practice, but I think I’ve got a good start.

30th Starz Film Festival

Clear Creek History Park Candlelight Walk

Well, for the Candlelight walk, I actually did not use a strobe. I thought I forgot it, but turns out it was at the bottom of my bag. But for the duration of the event, I shot with all natural light. Because of the (extremely) low light conditions, I ended up shooting at a very large aperture, which meant I had to think very carefully about the focus point I wanted because of the shallow depth of field. Not all of my results were as successful as these, especially since I'm still learning to focus in the dark. It's just as difficult as one would imagine.