31 December, 2010

Speaking of Playthings...

Remember to play, to smile, to imagine. Let the little things take up some space and just take a moment and think that world isn't so heavy and the road isn't so long.

Yeah, turns out the unofficial version of King Shark makes we wax poetic. Or it could just be that I'm actually much more philosophical than you suspected. Yeah, I don't think so either.

10 December, 2010

Not just Playthings

In my last somewhat odd post, I spoke about toys as basically keys to innovation and learning. I know I learn something new every time I set about shooting them. And lets face it, they are highly amusing. But beyond that, their value lies in their healing power. I'm sure I've mentioned it before here somewhere, but just in case I haven't, with the season of giving in full swing, I would encourage you to go to Child's Play and donate.

What's Child's Play you ask? It's a charity that puts toys and games in the hands of children in hospitals. I mean, where else does a child need a toy to distract them from whatever ails them, to inspire them to be a hero and keep on keeping on, or even simply to make them smile? Currently, Child's Play provides to more than 70 hospitals internationally. Yes, you heard me correctly, INTERNATIONALLY.

Also, I can't leave you with out recommending a little film called Marwencol. If you ever doubted that toys could help heal people, or even if you feel that you are too grown up for toys, this is the film to see.

And to help bring the conversation full circle:

05 December, 2010

Me divierte fácilmente

Me divierte fácilmente, como usted sabe. Juguetes construir imaginación. La imaginación lleva a la curiosidad. La curiosidad lleva al descubrimiento y el aprendizaje, ya sea en el arte, la ciencia, la música, los deportes. En mi caso, conduce a los hombres Mariachi LEGO y sombras. Sí, puedes llamarme Batman, que cuelgan del techo.

Este artículo ha sido presentada a usted hoy por "Miedo de los Dinosaurios."