26 February, 2012

Look Up More!

I guarantee you'll see something worth while.

And honestly, for as much as I complain about the snow and a prominent lack of Tauntauns, I certainly go out into the storm enough.

06 February, 2012

And you thought this would be about Tauntauns

For those paying attention, yes, we got quite a bit of snow last week. I, for once, did the sensible thing and stayed indoors and drank hot chocolate. Yesterday however, I did venture out into the blight, which was very little blight since it was back up to like 60 degrees. So no tauntaun required.

05 February, 2012

In New Way Bonus Round!

Alternate to Day 25

As you can see, here's a shot that didn’t make the regular cut and I really wanted to share them, not just because I think it is fun and awesome and all LensBaby-y, but because that is the whole point of this year’s photo a day was to see things in a new way. Most if not all of this month’s shots were taken in places that I normally am: my home, the paths I take, the people I see. Well, mostly it was my home and the things that surround me all the time. It’s something I am always trying to do, to see things a little differently than the guy with the camera next to me, so to do it with the things that I see every day made the challenge quite appropriate.

So how well did we do? Well enough. If you look back (back even farther than this past month), certainly you will notice that I look at a lot of repeated colors and shapes. Even though that's a normal thing for me, I do think those shots included in this project were strong enough to stand out. But the ones that I think really accomplished the mission of this year's project are those images that break down the every day into shapes and light and all recognition of the subject is gone.

I mean, did you figure out that Day 6 was a pizzelle press? Or that Day 19 was a duster? Or Day 28 was our favorite plumber hating King Koopa? I'm going to let you figure out the shot above just to get your brain cranking.

I’ve spoken before on how to look at things differently, whether it’s changing your angle, changing your lens or the many other ways to make your images stand out, but it’s not just about photography. Changing the way you look at things applies to everything you do. As we grow and as we settle, the same things surround us, be it place or actions (bowling night, etc). Yes it’s comfortable, but at the same time is that good? What happened to the challenge, the adventure? One day you wake up and you are going to ask yourself what happened to your life. That’s not a bad thing. The thing is you should be asking yourself this everyday, and not only if you are a creative. The world is a big place, and there’s a lot to see and do. Take in as much as you can, see as much as you can. It’ll be good for you, I guarantee. (Oh, and by world, yes I mean it in the literal sense, but just the little world that surrounds you applies too. I bet you’ve never been to that local farmers market, or been to that chalk art fair, or that bluegrass festival that happens down the block. It’s a bet I’d win, because I know I didn’t see you there. So get going.)