21 February, 2009

A Day Out...On the Road

After spending a day photographing perhaps the greatest great grandfather I have ever met, I was able do some shooting on the ride back from Yuma, Colorado to Denver. It made more sense than continually losing at "Horse."

06 February, 2009

A Day Out...

At the Denver Botanic Gardens.

It's not quite a photo a day project, but hopefully it will build to something grand. I don't always have the time to just go out and shoot, especially just for myself, so the Days that I do, I really enjoy myself. Today was actually not by myself, but with a good friend of mine who wanted some pointers on using her camera. I was more than happy to help and we spent the day at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Hopefully I will be able to make more time to have a day out with the camera. We all know I need it.

As for the Dinosaurs Vs, I think we are far enough removed to look at it objectively. Well, I did what I set out to do, a photo a day. Not all of them where masterpieces, but they all were something. From my perspective, my favorites (mostly because I feel that they worked the best, both photographically and in concept) are the following. Feel free to disagree.

Day 2, Nikola Tesla

This one just had the right atmosphere and the lighting only added to it.

Day 12, Cesare the Sleepwalker

Again, the lighting really made the mood and the toning really added to the sense that this was an old silent film.

Day 16, Dominoes

I really liked the simplicity of this one. Everything you needed to understand the image was right there and the lighting just made the whole thing more dramatic.

And that's that. I could try and go on into why I felt the others weren't up to snuff, but I wont. Mostly because it's my opinion and who knows. You may love one that I thought was a complete failure. You may even hate the ones I thought worked. That's art.