24 February, 2008

A Sense of Whimsy

Everyone tells you to stay focused. Everyone. I’m not going to argue. It’s very good to remain focused because you can accomplish so much more. But occasionally, the more you focus, the more you miss. In my case, I’ve been focused heavily on doing event photography, which I love, don’t get me wrong. There’s something great about being in the moment and capturing it. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Bill Moore of Bill Moore Photography and he shared with me a philosophy that after looking back on my own work I have to agree with: “There is no perfect picture, only a perfect moment.” Nice isn’t it? Yes, it is possible to make a technically perfect picture, but while you do that, can you still capture that singular moment that defines the entire event? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that some of my favorite images are not mechanically perfect, but are simply a great moment.

As I mentioned I have been really focused on event photography, but recently had the opportunity to revisit some stuff that I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot in a while: toys. Now, I am a bit of a collector, but after seeing the work of Brian McCarty, I was introduced to what appears to be an entire line of toys not found in aisle 9. Brian's work isamazing and for my first efforts, found that I may be emulating his work too much. As I said, I haven't been doing this type of photography that much, so we'll see how my work grows as I continue with it.

But to sum up: I’m having a blast.

As a side note, I found these toys to be particularly ridiculous.