22 December, 2011

Seriously, Tauntaun.

So, yeah, once again ventured out without a tauntaun. Foolhardy if you ask me. The tricky thing about photographing a winter wonderland isn't making your way through the snow, which is often difficult, it's actually in ruining your own shot. You see a shot, but once you walk across it the shot changes, so yeah, challenging. Still, if it wasn't challenging, would it be worth it? Yeah, I didn't think so. Now, where's that tauntaun?

21 December, 2011

Made it Past the First Marker

I'm honestly not worried about a tauntaun not making it past the first marker, I mostly figure that it would be just as distracted by shiny objects as I am.

And I imagine it would just as easily be distracted by non-shiny, shadowy objects as well.

Hope you're staying warm, cause I am still lacking a tauntaun that could potentially keep you warm on a cold winter night.

14 December, 2011

I'm A Banana!

I'm actually not, but if you've seen the work of animator Don Hertzfeldt, you would be rolling on the floor laughing, or "ROLF" as the kids say around the interwebs these days.

Don was great to meet and it was a wonderful opportunity to shoot "An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt" and the subsequent "Embarrassing Live On Stage Interview" was, though live, was far from embarrassing. For me at least. I'm not sure about Don. Maybe. Anyway, Don's a real fun guy. He'll sign just about anything.

05 December, 2011

This is All Going to End Badly

Well, not as badly as I imagined. Just a little cold on the outside, but still warm at heart. I mean, I kind of expected it but "fair play to those that dare to dream," right? Hope for the best, but expect the worse, but in truth I am much more the hope for the best kind of person. But yeah, none worse for the wear (for the most part), and there were a lot of good bits in between that I will look upon fondly. We are the sum of our experiences, so experience, even the bad bits.

And yeah, I've been hitting repeat on Trips and Falls for a while now, which is oddly appropriate considering. And yeah, still no Tautaun. What's up with that?

And yeah three, I've also been hitting repeat on The Swell Season as well. Not only is their music fantastic, there is a great documentary playing at a theatre near you!

04 December, 2011

Lights and Shadow, Holiday Edition

So just a few shots from this weekend, one of some pretty fanciful icicles doing their thing, you know, hanging. The other of the Parade of Lights, you know a parade in the winter, with lights a plenty, themselves pretty fanciful. The tricky part with the parade is that it is always cold. So next year when you head out, bundle up and get some hot cocoa and you're all set.