25 September, 2011

Zoo Day!

Always fun and always an exercise in looking at the world a little differently.

Also, very inspiring to take a nap.

23 September, 2011

For the Love of Amy Pond

Yesterday was my third time in Twist & Shout this week. Third. Time. Certainly I make it a point to stop in every time I head over to the Denver Film Center Colfax, and yeah, I'm there at least twice a week, but yesterday was specifically to find Amy Pond. Officially, I am a new Whovian, but I'm not completely clueless, growing up I knew the name as well as the Laural and Hardy baseball routine and was fascinated by the "bigger on the inside" TARDIS, but it wasn't until recently that it really captured my imagination. The entire concept about the show harkens back to what always confused me about the old Star Trek growing up (a planet full of cowboys?): imagination and possibility. Seems to fit right in with what I shoot, so now we know how it all fits together. Anyway, not only did I finally get Amy Pond (they are blind box packaged), I got to enjoy a sweet free concert by Vetiver and the Fruit Bats.

So seriously, think about stopping in the next time you head over to catch a film. The entire Lowenstein complex is awesome by the way, grab some music at Twist, a book at Tattered Cover (I hope I don't offend, but the LoDo location is still my favorite) and grab drinks and a show at the Denver Film Center Colfax.

I'll be headed there shortly for the The Watching Hour presents an Evening with Heather Langenkamp. It's gonna be fun and I expect to see you there.

And as a side note, how can you not love Amy pond (portrayed by the wonderful and beautiful Karen Gillan)? Just sayin.

18 September, 2011

Celebrate Around the World

Start at home and pick a direction, and just go and see what you will find along the way

You will come to dance, a traditional dance, a dance of culture and of history.

And you will celebrate independence.

And then you will go to Oktoberfest!

Yep, there is always something going in Denver.

11 September, 2011

Remember the Light

So often we find ourselves in the shadows, especially these days, but we can't forget there is always light.

05 September, 2011

Just a Taste

As the summer winds down, we get probably the last large event in Denver, the Taste of Colorado. It's a wonderful opportunity to try out small bites or "tastes" from some of the finest restaurants in Denver, as well as some classic fare provided by large inflatable pigs. But it's not all food, why there are fun and games too!

I really like the fact that the shark is in inner-tubes and is having a cold beverage. Not only is he promoting water safety, but staying hydrated, which is extremely important in these hot summer months.

And what would summer be without a car show!