31 January, 2008

A Really Big Show

It seems like I am never able to blog. The Flight of the Conchords made this point as they were trying to update their website. Either they’re too busy to update or there simply isn’t anything interesting going on. I’m usually much too busy, but to all my loyal followers or random onlookers, you deserve to know what’s going on. After my successful return to the internet, I’m already redesigning my website. Well, it’s more of a streamlining. And yes, I remember that just last post I complained that developing a website just wasn’t worth it as a photographer. Well, it turns out that when you can’t afford to hire someone to do it and you need a website in order to generate business, you pretty much make it worth it. So expect more absence from me and a brand spanking shiny new website in the distant future.

In more exciting news, I was able to attend the Art Directors Club of Denver winners presentation for One Show, which in its essence is an example of the finest, most creative minds in the advertising world, spanning all forms of media. It was an absolutely amazing evening. What I find particularly amazing is that you see these advertisements every day and for the most part they pass through your consciousness without much more than a fleeting thought, when in reality these are remarkable works done by equally remarkable people. I doubt people will ever elevate them to the standards of the great Renaissance masters? I doubt that, but as we all know, I’ve been wrong before.