16 September, 2008


You may recall that I am some sort of ninja. With that in mind, I ended up at an Obama rally today at the Colorado School of Mines. I actually was volunteering (I ended up doing line management, telling people where to go, making sure people had tickets, and such) and happened to only have my trusty point and click with me. Still, I got some ok photos of the Barack-Star himself.

Does it get any better than this?! Kung-Fu Panda!

Notice they did not have the score board lit up.

So I had a friend comment on how he was glad to see this particular shot, not because it was by any means good (it's not, by the way) but because it did something he hadn't seen in all of the other media from the event. This one particular image showed a sense of place, something which I feel is very important in any event documentary coverage. This type of image becomes much more important for the "locals" than anybody else because the Senator at a podium in front of a blue curtain could have been taken anywhere. A sense of place grounds us and reminds us that this is what is happening. I'm glad I could be of service.

Not content with simply accepting the same photos everyone else was taking, I took one for myself. For a quick hit, I’m happy with it. It focuses on what I enjoy doing the most (next to photography), volunteering (though volunteering to do photography is pretty much like a massive sugar rush). I do wish the zip-up and safety pin were a little more defined, and maybe I’ll try reshooting it if I find the time. And I haven’t forgotten, photos of W’sMD to come (WMD’s is grammatically incorrect as "Destructions" doesn’t make much sense).

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