06 September, 2008

Tiny Xerox Boxes

And here you thought I wouldn’t make it, when in fact I thought I wouldn’t make it. This particular image has been in progress for well over three months. Why? Mostly because, as it turns out, photography for fun is not the only thing I do, as well as the whole “I have to build an office building?!” Who knew that you could get tiny marble flooring? Anywho, feast your eyes upon “Another day,” as in “Another day at the office.” War is business and that is a sad fact. We were warned about the military-industrial complex by President Eisenhower, and unfortunately it was unavoidable. I mean, sure we probably could have limited it and its influence, but I doubt there’s really anything anybody could do about it. Well, here is yet another post that is quite the downer. Unfortunately, it looks like the next toy shot will yet again deal with those rascally weapons of war. Until next time, true believers!

1 comment:

Amy. said...

Very, VERY nicely done. You're unbelievable. You need to move to LA and be a toy shooter, like yesterday.