09 March, 2008

Like a Ninja

I once again had the opportunity to photograph for Golden High School’s Theatre Program, this time for their Spring performance of Romeo and Juliet. I had first photographed their dress rehearsal of Guys and Dolls, which was immensely fun. From what I hear, all of the students really enjoyed my unique perspective, as well as the fair amount of images of backstage and the stage crew (which often does not get covered during a show). When I came in this time, I was introduced as a ninja, possibly popping up at any moment to get a picture. Now, I haven’t desired to be a ninja since I was little and saw Ninja III: The Domination along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but after considering these words, I suppose that the description is apt to a certain extent. I do my best to move about an event without interfering or influencing its outcome. I often move very quickly and I suppose, ultimately, without being noticed. So, I guess I am like ninja.

(You may be asking yourself, “What about Storm Shadow from GI Joe? Well, I always wanted to be Shipwreck.)

1 comment:

Amy. said...

That's hysterical. I'm gonna be calling you "Ninjagiba" from now on. Whether or not it's okay with you, I really don't care.

Nice shots.