20 September, 2008


Told ya, WsMD (Weapon's of Mario Destruction). These guys actually weren't that bad, I mean figuring out the timing of the numerous incarnations of the Hammer Bros was way worse. Anyhoo, the shooting was actually rather intricate. Light falling on large objects is easy. Light on a small object is far more complex because of the scale: what you thought was a hard source is suddenly a soft source because of the fall off (or lack of). Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out. It's a little different than you'd expect from the characters, but at the same time it feels very fitting. Additionally, I really love the way the light brings out emotion and character in each of the figures. Along a similar note, you should check out the Iron Giant. I really enjoyed it. Also, it relates to today's post. I swear. Relatively often, but I'm trying to cut back.

Bullet Bill


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Anonymous said...

So I'm curious how much time each photo takes you? How much time for setup? How many pictures do you take?