01 January, 2012

In a New Way

See in a New Way. That is the motto of a little company known as Lensbaby. And I love it, not only that I love my Lensbaby Composer. You’ve undoubtedly seen the occasional Lensbaby image pop up here from time to time. Now you will see it every day, at least until the end of January. Cause, you know, it’s time for the annual photo day project.

I’ve always tried to focus on a theme, whether conceptual or technical, and this year though it’s primarily technical because I will be shooting only with my Lensbaby, it will also be thematic. I will literally look at things in a new way as the motto states, and this brings us back around to the original fear when I started the photo a month project way back when. You may end up having to look at things in my kitchen, as well as everything that is constantly around me or places that I always go. But I guarantee, you will look at it in a new way.

And would you look at that, this one even fits nicely into Cast Shadows. Go figure that projects I care about happen to overlap. Whodathunkit?

1 comment:

Amy. said...

YES YES YES! So glad you're up to the photo-a-day again! And I love it when you put the lensbaby to work. Go get 'em, Ninja!