20 January, 2012

In a New Way Day 20

For those that read the labels at the bottom of each post, you will notice that this is also a part of the Casting Shadows series. Why? Seeing things in a new way can be a simple as focusing only on the shadows cast by an object. You like how I totally explained the label with the label? Yeah, I'm hard core street like that. Not really, but it is a change to the way you see things. Oh, and for those wonder what this is exactly, it is a set of tiny pallets, for lifting tiny 55 gallon drums, which turns out at that scale, they do not actually hold 55 gallons of anything. The lids of the drums don't come off, so I can't tell how many gallons the drums hold, though I am sure it is nowhere near any gallons. Also, cannot make tiny steel drums out of them, in case you were wondering.

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