18 July, 2011

Film, Fashion, and Rock and Roll!

Once again, it's been a busy weekend. First thing, I was once again at the Denver Film Center Colfax, this time for the Cinema Q Film Festival. From the Film Society's own description "Cinema Q presents the best of the best in film that covers every aspect of the LGBTQ community and introduces new visionaries, pays tribute to iconic staples, tells stories from around the world and connects us all with a common message of identity and understanding." Among the great films was an open panel discussion with the filmakers of the the documentary Photos of Angie, an extremely powerful film. The festival itself was a reminder that at the end of the day, all we are is human. An extremely useful message I think we all need to remember far too often.

Next up was the Rock West, a concert and fundraiser for the Foothills Art Center, featuring the fashionable stylings of Rockmount Ranchwear. These shots are just from the gift shop, but really the exhibit is something you need to see for yourself, and I'm not going to cheat you of the experience.

But just to whet your whistle about all the goings on, The Moderators (a great band made up of presidents and CEO's) rocked the gallery, Peacemaker Whiskey loaded up their six shooters (you just have to see them to believe them) and of course the star of the show: Rockmount Ranchwear, with fashion and stylings from their very beginnings to custom designs by the likes of Paul McCartney. Really astounding and you definitely need to stop in.

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