21 March, 2011

Make Your Voice Heard: Women + Film Voices Film Festival

Lets face facts. I am a fan of women and I am a fan of film. So it was a wonderful opportunity to work with the Women+Film Voices Film Festival a few weeks ago. If you weren't able to attend, you really need to plan on attending next year. Women+Film celebrates the art and cinematic contributions of women filmmakers from around the world in all formats, content, and genre. An early partner with the Denver Film Society and the Denver Film Festival it has now grown into its own festival. And what a festival it is.

You know your festival is a hit when it is, as S.I. puts it, "S.R.O." or "Standing Room Only." The Denver Film Center Colfax hosted two sold out screenings (with many more still hoping to get tickets) of the film Soul Surfer, based on the inspirational story of Bethany Hamilton, directed by the extremely talented Sean McNamara who was on hand to answer questions.

In fact, Bethany Hamilton herself showed up with her onscreen doppelganger, the talented AnnaSophia Robb. It's like "AnnaSophia Robb! No Way!" Certainly a rising star if I ever saw one, I mean she did receive the Denver Film Festival's Rising Star Award in 2009.

Of course, voices was not just about amazing films such as Jane Eyre, Miss Reception, A Powerful Noise, Queen to Play and many more, but it was about discussion and education. Several Salons were held, covering topics from social change to feminism and the art movement.

So mark your calendars and get ready for next year's Women+Film Voices Film Festival to be held 6th March to 11th March 2012.

And of course to perhaps christen the Denver Film Center Colfax, which I still can't fathom why you haven't checked it out yet, here is a shadow cast during the Voices Film Festival.

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