14 June, 2009

Junk in my Trunk

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got quite a bit of photo junk that I keep in my trunk (or at least one of them) and at times it seems like I have too much, from battery chargers to card readers to card cases. I wanted to get it all a little more organized, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything commercially available to that met my exacting needs (I’m very picky. Just ask anybody that has watched me during a toy shoot.) So, what’s a dashing chap like myself to do? Why make my own of course!

All wrapped up and ready to rumble. You can’t see it, but the belt is sewn into the back so it doesn’t get lost.

If you want to get technical, it’s a tri-fold wallet with a D-ring belt clasp.

Four pockets in a compact size to get me started. As you can see, it’s got room for a Lexar Multi-card ready and USB cable, and Canon and Fujifilm battery chargers (yes, I use more than one brand of camera. I like to be flexible and besides, one is a digital point n’ click). The pockets are even big enough to hold on to four Gepe Card Safe Extreme cases (which in my opinion are the best card cases available). And best off all, it’s all now grab and go.Oh yeah, I rock.

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Amy. said...

I WANT THAT. Awesome, dude.