12 June, 2009

Day Out...at the Rio Grande Zoo

Several things always happen when I go to the zoo, including

1. Having the best-at-the-time-but-will-undoubtedly-make-me-sick-later green chili cheeseburger.
2. Drinking loads of warm water, but still get dehydrated.
3. I try fitting words like "pinniped" into everyday conversation. (the word varies, but you get the idea)
4. Dippin Dots.

Some bonus events from the day included

1. Added some shots to my continuing series “Cast Shadows” and experiments with “HDR.” (Check it out here).
2. Got pooped on (not so much a bonus, but worth mentioning. It was one of the lorikeets that you could happily feed.)


HDRing animals is fairly challenging.

Look, a pair of lorikeets, which my be more exciting than a lorry of parakeets.

Cast Shadows

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