25 May, 2007

A Little Bit of Information

I am very happy to announce that I am now a part of a limited gallery showing. "Curiosity" is on display at the John A. Jellico Gallery at the Art Institute of Colorado. I spoke last about high and low risk shots and how some very simple shots that look like they were thrown together in five minutes actually take several hours. "Curiosity" is completely the opposite: it was shot in under five seconds (cats are fast). It was very much a right place at the right time.

I do like this style of photography, much more photodocumentary or photojournalism, but I find that it is a lot harder than one thinks it is. Studio work is something you know when you get up in the morning you can walk out with a great shot. The "decisive moment" shots are very much you wake up and hope you can get one out of maybe a thousand shots. It takes a while to learn patterns, to look out for the moment before the moment and then to capture it with the same feeling as when you see it. I need more practice, and I hate to make excuses, but much of my work in studio does keep me from just walking out the door and seeing what we see. We'll try and get out more.


Special thanks to Beth and Lisa, who cheerfully answered my questions as I learned to be a photojournalist.

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