22 May, 2007




One can imagine that a shot like this was rather simple. For the most part it was. For the rest of it, it was really the problem that I think too much. I like using elements, adding to the image, accenting color, style, anything that would just make the star that much more the star. In most cases I don't even use half of what I thought I'd use. Except for the stress of having things not work out, it's actually benefit that I do come over prepared. It becomes a "low risk" shot, one that we have a lot of elements that we can subsitute out in the event that the one we start with doesn't work (for this shot I also had a little black purse, some long black gloves, some single white roses in full bloom, white satin, and earrings). Being low risk doesn't mean that it's a low reward system. Contrast that to a "high risk" shot, it just means that there's a bit of a safety net. Of course, there are cases where you can have a "high risk, high reward" type of shot. This is basically one where you begin with a very limited amount of elements and the end result ends up being nothing but gorgeous (if it works, thus the risk). I prefer the low risk, but of course, I am also a glutton for punishment as this usually means a minium of four hours shooting as I swap out elements, change lighting, swap out elements again, and so on and so forth. Then again, the high risk does occasionally force itself upon you.

"More than Meets the Eye"

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