01 June, 2007

"Put four walls around an idea."

After a long day of shooting probably the most difficult subject I have ever undertaken, I along with some fellow photographers attended the Nick Vedros talk sponsored by the Art Directors Club of Denver. Vedros was one of the first, if not the first photo illustrator whose work I was introduced to as inspiration for my own photo montages. What amazes me the most is the simplicity with which he constructs images. I don't mean to say that how he does it is simple, but the end result is a seamless image that one could expect to walk out the door and see the scene as if it had happened right before their eyes. It is this quality which I find in many of my favorite illustrators, such as Mark Beckelman and Charles Shotwell.

Though it's Vedros's quote, I think the idea of giving form, structure, and stability to an idea is something worth remembering and something that does not apply solely to photography. In everything we do, if we cannot concretely form our idea, how can we expect to bring it to life. Dream big because if you don't, you don't expect enough from yourself.
Oh yeah. I plan on making a regular outing to "First Fridays" in Denver. This is a wonderful opportunity to view art and galleries here in Denver. So on the first Friday of every month, many of the galleries down on Santa Fe Dr. are open and waiting for people to stop in and just look around. Feel free to come on down and see what people are up to.

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