18 March, 2013

Denver Comic Con is Coming!

As a reminder to all those that follow my blog, I am a nerd, or a geek in other terms. Have you seen my toy photography? Anywho, for those in the Denver area (or therabouts), the Denver Comic Con will be making it's second appearance in the Mile High City. Don't believe me? Click on the following link Denver Comic Con and you will learn that it will be held this coming May 31-June 2 at the Colorado Convention Center.

You may be wondering what this particularly has to do with me. The short of it, this is something I enjoy and just like it says in the side bar, this blog is here so you can learn about what makes me tick and what inspires me. So what better way than to learn about one of my many passions: Comics.

The Denver Comic Con is a great opportunity to embrace passion, from storytellers to artists, to gamers to designers and ultimately to just rekindle the things that made you smile as a kid. Love Superman? They'll be celebrating Supes 75th birthday. Fan of Spiderman. Stan "The Man" Lee, creator of Spiderman, as well as a host of other of heroes that are making a resurgence of late will be there! Excited about new media and the internet? Well, new media queen of the internet Felicia Day will be there to talk about web series, acting, gaming, and all kinds of things.

Last year I went and had a blast! Not just because of comics and art and creativity and passion and community, but because not only does Denver Comic Con provide all of that, it is a production of the Comic Book Classroom, a non-profit, free after school program for fifth through eight grade students that teaches literacy and arts education through comic books. As a visual learner myself, I can not tell you how wonderful a program this is. In fact I will probably tell you more later.

So, wot wrap up cause there are a lot of words on this post and a short amount of pictures, Denver Comic Con, May 31-June 2. Hope to see you there.

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