30 March, 2013

Comics Outside the Box (What?!)

For those that have been reading along for a while, you will remember that one of best lessons I learned along the way was to not think outside the box, but "Put the box around the idea" -Nick Vedros.  The basic sentiment of it is this: instead of looking at what's limiting you (or what can), just innovate. An everyday object can easily become something completely different.

That's one thing that the Denver Comic Con is doing by focusing it's mission on education and the Comic Book Classroom.  (Can you tell I'm excited?) For me personally, as much as school was awesome, I learned the most from more unconventional means. For example, I learned more about classic literature, history, because of the way these innovators included the French revolution, Homer's Odyssey, or even Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream.

Denver Comic Con is bringing in some of the best innovators of the day. From amazing artists and storytellers to people redefining the media like Felcia Day who is reshaping the way media is being developed and distributed, George Takei who is changing the way creators interact with their fans and share new ideas, and even Stan Lee who arguably is one of the original comics revolutionaries, changing the way we interact with stories.

So don't just think outside the box, just innovate and if you end up with a box that looks like river delta or Pac Man, so much the better.

Also, Today is Tabletop Day. Go and play some games!

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