01 January, 2013

The First Room

Happy New Year to you all! You know what that means! Today we begin the photo a day project once again. I've always tried to center these projects around a central theme or idea in order to help rejuvenate the  creativity and really push myself. This year is no different, except instead of going out and looking for inspiration, we're going to limit ourselves. You say that's a bad thing, that you should never limit yourself. To some extant that is true, but when you limit yourself you force yourself to think differently.

So, this year's project is The Room. Specifically, my bedroom: approximately 200 square feet that I spend an enormous amount of time in, from reading, sleeping, painting, sketching, relaxing, stressing, etc. So why shouldn't this little space be a source of inspiration?

You find creativity and inspiration from the world around you, and certainly you should try and take inspiration from everywhere you go. You should also take it from wherever you return to.

So here we go. One day down, 30 to go. Let's kick this pig.

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