17 June, 2012

A Dash of Elegance

I assure you that I am not neglecting this blog. There's a lot in process at the moment, including a great rooftop party featuring the amazing musical talents of Ian Cooke with the Denver Film Society, as well as A trip to the Denver Comic Con with ASIFA Colorado. As I said, these are currently in progress, but I wanted to give a shout out to the fine folks at Geek Chic and their booth, which featured their new Kickstarter project: Mustache Monocles.

These were great guys and dare I say they had, hands down, the best booth at the Denver Comic Con. They managed to showcase all of their beautiful products without it being cluttered, which is an often occurrence at festivals and conventions. Not only that, they had a barker! Who does that these days? Only those seeking to add a dash of elegance to your life. So thanks Geek Chic, you put on a fine show and I can't wait to add your fine works to my household when I get the chance.

Geek Chic Mustache Monocle
A fine Gentleman selling his wares.

Mustache Emporium
The Mustache Emporium, for all your Mustaching needs.

Mustache Monocle Classic
I added this dash of elegance to my own wardrobe, and yes, I am waiting for the Mustache Wax.
Yep, as much as I say I don't shoot product in studio anymore, I do seem to do it often enough.

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