13 June, 2011

"I have to warn you, there is a naked woman."

Not here. But if you happened to take in the J'adore! Focus on French Cinema Film Festival at the Denver Film Center Colfax, this is the warning you got from the French Consul. He also kindly told us that said naked woman has a fantastic bottom, and though I didn't see the film, I spoke with many that said, yes, there is a naked woman, and she did have quite the derriere. I won't even get into the other discussion of the night. Yeah, that's how we roll, which oddly enough does somewhat relate to the other discussion. Regardless, yet another wonderful event put on by the Denver Film Society, filled with films, food, and fun. Why aren't you there more often?

In addition, it happened to be the Chair of the Denver Film Society Board's 23rd wedding anniversary. Congratulations! It was a great little celebration at the end of the festival. Everyone at the Film Society really has become more like a second family to me, and not just because we share a love of movies. So seriously, go, say hello, and have fun. Maybe there will be cake! And I don't just mean the metaphorical goodness of seeing a fantastic film in great local venue (which is totally cake in my book), but there may actually be cake cake.

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