26 March, 2009

Snow Day

It was a grey and grisly Thursday. Based on when I woke up, the snow started at 6 am and just kept coming (in fact it has yet to really let up and more is expected tonight). It took me just over two hours to get to work, which is normally a twenty minute trip. At the end of the day, I trekked out into oblivion with camera in hand. The big difficulty in shooting today is that all of the light is the same. The overcast pretty much makes one giant soft box. In some cases, that’s great. Today, not so much. Plus it was cold. The cold and I never really get along, except for flippant references to Hoth. And for those who believe snow in the city is a wondrous miracle, it is. For about 5 minutes if you manage to get out there before absolutely everyone else, including Mr. Plow.

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