22 April, 2008

The never ending fight against dingos

So, I'm participating the March for Babies (Walk America) this weekend. This is the big fundraiser for the March of Dimes. I'm actually volunteering to photograph the event for the March of Dimes chapter, but I have friends on a team that needs a little extra support, so I joined their team and proceeded to harass all of my friends.

On the plus side, I didn't really send out any of the premade donation emails that many of these fund raisers use. The funny thing is that my entire "marketing package," for lack of a better term, is based solely on the sitcom Seinfeld. There was an episode where Jerry and Elaine are at a party, and at some point, Elaine, completely bored with this woman's talk about her baby, responds by saying "Maybe a dingo ate your baby."

March of Dimes doesn't exactly raise funds to fight dingos, but much of it goes towards making sure babies are born healthy.

Still, if you feel like fighting dingos, lets do this.

"We all have our own personal dingos to fight"

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