07 April, 2008

E-ventful weekend at E-Days

E-Days (E is for Engineering) was this past weekend at the Colorado School of Mines. It has been perhaps one of the most fun and most arduous shoots I have done. Not only did I get to practice numerous techniques, many of which I rarely use, I got a free t-shirt. Pretty cool. So here's the quick bits:

Fireworks: I can't focus in the dark. Especially when distracted by shiny objects.

Ore Cart Pull - Traditional march from the school (or Perkins diner, whichever is closer) to the Capitol Building for proclamations. Seven miles loaded with camera gear. Luckily I travel lite.

Steel Bridge competition - Kind of like a weight lifting competition...for bridges.

Concerts - I'm no Amy Hobbs (under the music link), but I think I did OK.

And this is only a fraction of the weekend. If you'd like to check out some more, head over to my website. Yep, that was a plug with no shame.

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