15 March, 2008

SPE, not to be confused with SPE.

Today I had the opportunity to attend a portion of the 45th SPE National Conference, the Society for Photographic Educators, not to be confused with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (which many people I know would undoubtedly will). I sincerely wish that I had both the time and money to truly to commit to events such as these, but in my short time there, I took away so much. I had some very good discussions about Innova warm tone fiber paper as well as Hahnemuhle photo rags, and not only did I get to see some gorgeous prints on fine art metal, but got to touch them (they are quite versatile and have a very nice wieght to them).

The highlight of my visit was running into Martha Madigan as she laid out her work for display (or possibly review, I was pretty much in shock). As many people will tell you, it's one thing to see a work on the screen, or even behind glass, but to see her work in person, with nothing between them and myself but air I was not breathing…well you get the point. If you haven’t seen her work, I highly recommend it. She is doing absolutely amazing things in amazing ways.

Maybe one day my work will get to that point. One can only hope.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend the opening of Angela Faris Belt’s gallery show Elements, celebrating the release of her book Elements. The book is wonderful text, managing to cohesively combine the technical side of photography without downplaying the inherent artistic nature of the medium, which is often the case in photography texts. If you have the chance, I definitely recommend it. I believe her show continues through the end of the month at the John Jellico Gallery at the Art Institute of Colorado in downtown Denver. Feel free to check that out as well. You will also see two of Martha Madigan's pieces.

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