08 April, 2007

Kiwanis One Day

As a part of Kiwanis One Day, an annual event in which all branches of the Kiwanis Organization gather together to do a project in the community, I attended the Golden Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt. (As a side note, by "hunt" I mean all the eggs are layed out in plain site so children can find them.) The weather proved to be the challenge as freezing temperatures and a healthy amount of snow kept everyone shivering. Of course, the event was well attended, which is not surprising when you realize that someone is giving out free candy. In terms of photographing the event, I had the same type of challenges that I had at the Circle K International District Convention; how do you get distinctive pictures at what can easily be a "grit and grin" type of event. I think I got a good start, but definitely still need some practice. The only other thing was that I was trying for some very good images that would translate beautifully into black and white prints, but as one would image, the focus of the images certainly became the color, especially with the weather.

One more thing to note: with my commitment to service leadership and community service, this will hopefully be the start of a new project I am tenetavily titling "Seasons of Service." This project will take a look at the different types community service that occurs during different parts of the year. Let's hope that there are some very distinctive service opportunities that are held specifically with the change of the seasons.

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