29 April, 2007

Casting Shadows

How often do you actually look around? I know that I am more often in between the places I need to be, but very rarely do I look around. It's already familiar, the same thing I see every day. It's not that exciting. I think that was one of the motivations behind my new series, "Casting Shadows." It's like the old saying, "stop and smell the roses." Well, in this case, it's "open your eyes and look around."

Shadows are an interesting thing to look at because it is almost impossible to see the exact same shadow cast the same same. It is dependant on time of day, the angle you see it, even the atmospheric conditions, so what you see one day will not be precisely the same the next. So open your eyes and look around.

Cast Shadows

The Sentry


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Kenneth said...

I really like the cat picture. The little crook in the tail is perfect.