01 April, 2012

Some Skillz Required

Of all the photography that I need the most practice with, it is sports photography, and Notre Dame's Foward Natalie Achonwa knows it. It's a big weekend for basketball, especially for the NCAA women's championship. Their final four starts this weekend and there have been a ton of events going on this weekend. From fan camps to autographs and meet and greats, even some wheel chair basketball games.

There were even a few events that were much more my speed. Besides playing songs from her phenomenal catalog, she is quite the banter-er. Among the many greats includes a cautionary tale about "carrots being the gateway vegetable." Yeah, you had to be there.

In additional news, this is a view from "my spot." I had lunch here quite a bit last year, but because of the continual need for Tautauns I haven't been out there lately, but yesterday was the day. We'll see how my schedule holds up to spending more lunches there.

Also, hope the April Fool's day pranks are more fun than anything and good luck to your favorite team!

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