05 December, 2011

This is All Going to End Badly

Well, not as badly as I imagined. Just a little cold on the outside, but still warm at heart. I mean, I kind of expected it but "fair play to those that dare to dream," right? Hope for the best, but expect the worse, but in truth I am much more the hope for the best kind of person. But yeah, none worse for the wear (for the most part), and there were a lot of good bits in between that I will look upon fondly. We are the sum of our experiences, so experience, even the bad bits.

And yeah, I've been hitting repeat on Trips and Falls for a while now, which is oddly appropriate considering. And yeah, still no Tautaun. What's up with that?

And yeah three, I've also been hitting repeat on The Swell Season as well. Not only is their music fantastic, there is a great documentary playing at a theatre near you!

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