11 January, 2011


I know, I've been a little down too. January is supposed to be all about photos, the challenge of creating something each day, of sharing them here, on this particular blog. Instead, when the shutter clicks, it's a mixed sigh of knowing that that day's shot is done, but also that no one will see it. January feels extra empty without photos even though I've actually been taking a ton of photos (digitally in addition to my Holga). I've even picked up a brand new used camera (which I haven't had a chance to shoot with yet, but I will soon enough).

I've been reluctant to post anything new, maybe it feels like I'd be taking away some of the magic of the upcoming Holga Days, or that it will reduce January from the all kinds of epic Photo a Day to just a regular, run of the mill month.

So the question becomes, do I post some stuff in the spaces in between? Do I let you in on the Big Secret project? Do you, gentle reader really want to know what's the Big Secret? Will knowing still keep you excited for Holga Days, which feels so far away? Or will its potential of unquantifiable epicness desensitize you to what was meant to thrill your senses in January?

If you feel so strongly one way or the other, make your voice heard, though I would recommend against signal flares or semaphores. There are more efficient, though maybe less effective means of communication.

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